What's the real deal-

I am now the proud owner of an '04 WR with 130 mi. on it. I had an '04 YFZ that I thoroughly enjoyed owning-till all my 4 wheel freinds decided they didn't have time to ride. Well after a year of riding with bikes only I figured it was time. 20 yr. since I had rode dirt- had a few sport bikes over that time but no moto/enduro riding. When I first rode the WR, I knew something minor was wrong. Only 1/4 throttle major stumble off idle and the throttle was hanging. The previous owner told me that he had installed the GYTR peashooter and nothing else-makes sense.

I spent yesterday, familiarizing myself with my new buddy. Let me say the owners manual is a little vague when it comes to performing even the simplest procedure-oh well. My first project was making it ridable. I jetted up, both main and pilot and went down 2 notches on the stock needle- 2 1/4 turns on the screw and installed the YZ stop. I also opened up the right side of the airbox (removed the knockouts) as well as removed the snorkel/venturi insert at the back of the airbox. Never did figure out how to get the airbox completely out of the frame-me thinks the subframe has to be removed?

1st kick, she popped off-needing only an idle adjustment. :applause: This doesn't even feel like the bike I test rode. Now I need to get some seat time in and fine tune things, as more than likely the jetting can be refined even more.

Back to my question-My YFZ was an '04 with a green sticker. Why on earth would the WR same year that sports the same plant-be red? Is it just beuaracracy (spl.) ? Anyone ideas?

Great forum, looking forward to much reading/learning. :banghead:

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