mechanical speedo that fits XR650R cable?


before I lurch off and spend a lotta money on an electronic one, thought I better poke about and see if there is a mechanical speedo that can fasten directly to the stock cable on my XR650R ?????

it would seem that a lof of those types would be standardized where several choices could screw on to the cable......

Am I dreamin'; ?


I've got a couple mechanical speedometers for sale that I've never used which I plan on selling at $50 each once I find them. They look like this. They're 1:1 drive ratio with the standard thread coupling that most Japanese bikes have. They have a non-resetable odometer as required by the DOT and a trip meter which can easily be reset. They're illuminated if you connect 12 volts to them. I also designed some dampened mounts and had them precision made at a shop, however the fabicator wasn't able to read my CAD file and some things got lost in the file conversion and they made them anyway even though they were not exactly what I wanted. The mounts bolt to the two holes in the stock triple clamp just to the inside of the forks and it secures this speedometer, but the mount would have to be relieved by the steering stem (grinder / dremel tool) to properly fit. I'm also going to sell the mounts as well if you're interested since I just don't have a need for them anymore. If anyone is interested, I'll try to dig them out and get some pics.

OK, now i finally found the BD one. looks 'normal'. their search function ain't worth a %#@^!

gadsan, appreciate the tip. I have no idea what I can buy one for so I'm price ignorant at the moment. let me keep snooping and get back to you with an answer


Also check eBay as sometimes there's some good deals to be had.

A stock Honda XR200 1987 plus some additional years on each side has a very nice compact unit with dial speedo and resetable odometer. These are extremely reliable. Baja Designs used to sell these but don't now, probably because Honda has no more. Maybe some cycle salvage has one or else ebay.

JC Whitney has one for about 45 dollars it has lighting but it does not have a trip meter.

More info HERE.

i would get a trail tech

A 650L speedo will work just fine.

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