07 WR450 Fuel Injection

the raptor 700 doesn't compensate for performance exhaust and is very difficult to diagnose running issues - the Yamaha computer scanner doesn't give you much. I think it would ruin a good thing - more money and more issues for the WR. A 660 raptor with a cheap slip on has more rear wheel HP than the FI 700 stock - adding an aggressive pipe to 700 runs it way lean on the dyno and only adds 1-2 HP - until somebody makes a power commander the 700 Raptor can't really gain any ponies.

I'm ready....... put the butter bars back on in production, (everyone wants their own bend on a set of pro tapers anyway), throw the saved production costs toward the FI and for gods sake figure out a way to cool the bike without the elephant ear shrouds. For the money I have shelled out to Acerbis for replacement shrouds I could have funded the FI R&D!!!

Aluminum frame and FI, hmmmmmmmmmmm.......... throw the short stroke motor back in and I'll pay $10K. (Thats what an EXC 450 will cost in 97' anyway!) :banghead:

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