03' 450 Hard to start when very cold??

I have an 03' 450 It starts fine when it is not to cold, but I use it for hunting in the colder months and first thing in the morning it is a beach to start. Once it fires up then we are good to go. The temp is probably around 35 degrees and in the mountains around 6000 feet. Like I said though once I have it started and have to restart it later there is no problem. It doesn't even try to fire untill you kick on it for 10-15 times. I choke it, then no choke, pump it a couple times, and I have had my little bro hold his hand over the pipe to hold in some of the warmer air. I don't know anything else to do, any ideas. Thanks in advance. :banghead:

What size starter jet do you have? I'd guess you should increase it for cold weather. You should probably re-jet everything for cold weather because your warm weather jetting will result in a lean condition when it's cold, but if it works OK, :banghead: .

BTW, ever get anything with the bike? :applause:

BTW, ever get anything with the bike?

No, I guess the animals are more agile then I am on the 450.. :banghead: Sure comes in handy when it comes time to pack them out though! :applause:

We here in Russia have motos until 5 degrees (Fahrengeit). I have standard jetting and my city is located 3000 ft above sea level. I have a piece of good advice for you. When it's cold, open the fuel tap, pull the choke and... roll the throttle 2 or 3 times. After that kick it. I bet it will start after first or second kick.

When I was told that hint, I was amazed how simple things can work. The secret is that you make the fuel mix richer.

What weight of engine oil are you running? I would run a good quality light weight 10W-30 or maybe an even lighter weight in a synthetic oil. Jetting, as stated earlier, is obviously another consideration. My bike was like that when we went to Colorado this summer (10,000 ft). It's a pain in the butt when they are that cold to kick start.

A 10w-30 and a 10w-40 are exactly the same viscosity at 40 degrees. That's not the starting problem. Do as the Russian dude says; give a couple squirts to get it going.

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