426 hot cams

I have an 02 426 looking to install hot cams and port the head wondering if anyone knows how much hp you gain?

depends on who you ask! :banghead:

What other mods have you done to the bike?

I have a complete pro circuit t-4 and is geared 16/50...ran it at the dragstrip last weekend and went 8.52@80.24mph in the 1/8 ..looking to get some more power.. i am also running on 110 race gas

sorry...I can't help you.

Your not from Austin are you?

nope...I live in paris, tx about 2 hours NE of Dallas

Just put a high comp piston, jet fuel, turbo charger and a mini NOS setup... That should do it. :banghead:

I have the intake and auto-decompression cams installed in my 2000. Hot cams says it adds around ten percent to the mid-range and top end. It definetly pulls harder at high revs. It starts in less kicks now also plus it kicks over about as easy as a xr200.

Only problem I've had is that I need to play with my jetting after adding them.

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