Remove carby for valve clearance check

What's the deal with removing the carby on a 03 wr450?

Looking at checking the valve clearances for the first time.

The owners manual states that the carby should be removed first before you remove the cylinder head cover but after studying the bike itself I really can't see the carby being in the way.

Is there something I am missing?

What does everyone else do?

I would really like to be prepared before I attempt this for the first time.

Also are there any Aussies who could recommend a shim kit available in Melbourne or should I just ask at the Yamaha shop?

carburetor does not need to come off!

i live in hoppers crossing and would like to learn how to do this valve checking. i am sick of spending $200+ every time i take the bike to the shop. have you done it before? the workshop book makes it look daunting. is there any on line mpeg movies on how its done?


Dam, the vid doesnt cater for 450s :applause:

Surelythere should be a free download on the net anyways somewhere?? :banghead:

where in oz are u? I just spent 20min typing a 'how to' but accidently clicked the back botton and lost it all :applause::banghead: If I get the chance, i'll do it again. Doesnt matter if it's a WR450 or a TT250. All shim adjustment valve trains are the same. You simply change the size of the shim to get the desired clearance. Really it's as simple as that. Where people go wrong is not putting it back together the way they pulled it apart. If you have a digital camera take some pics of the cam timing before you pull it apart! Also use a white paint pen to mark chain/sprockets.

anthony, im in blackburn north, u have a crf450? i would assume its similar to the wr, i could show you if you want, its really not too bad, if you have a good setup and tools its ok.

u have a crf450? i would assume its similar to the wr

The CRF will have a single cam and some form of rocker gear, but the principle will be the same

hi brett

sounds great

i sent you a PM with my details

This site is so helpfull!!

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