Fastway, Powerpegz or IMS

What is the difference between the Fastway F3 and F4 other than 10 bucks?

I am about 6 foot 4, if that matters and ideally would like a bigger peg with more area to stand on.

Is the F3 worth the 10 bucks more than the F4?

I have run the Fastways for quite a few years now and they are a nice upgrade from any stock peg. I have yet to actually replace a threaded tooth as they are intended. The problem is the little hex head fittings fill with mud and wear down unevenly. But it hasn't really been an issue.

I recently switched to the Powerpegz pivoting setup. These have no spring in them as the Aussie version(similar idea, different details). But rely on a variable amount of friction depending on how tight the pivot axle is adjusted.

They feel amazing and I notice less strain on my legs in the sitting position(I run them lowboy style as I'm 6-3). They feel even more planted than the Fastways did, if that's possible.

Clark...tut, tut..cotton panties.. :p:bonk::eek: dancing and :bonk: to the wife...Stay focussed on whats important man... :lame: Oh yeh, the pegs..

Good to see the humour!! :thumbsup:

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