I know exactly how you feel, I live on a 6 acre site with my parents, my mother has two damn horses and all of are neighbours seem to be well equipt with the stupid 4 legged animals (Horse lovers please don't sew me, I like dogs!) except my neighbours across the way who own a GSXR1300 Busa and a ZX-9R, with stright through pipes! V-cool people!

You have my complete sympathy!

It's funny though, my father would love me to build one cause that would mean I cleared all the brush off the property which would be a mammoth project. We live in a high fire danger area and the less brush on our property the better we are. It's just that our hillside is pretty insane and there are boulders the size of cars and small houses. When I do ride my bike down the dirt road I live on I get dirty looks from the neighbors with horses even though I just idle in 1st. I know the neighbors gotta hate my dad when he starts his Harley up at 6am on Sunday morning to go on long all day rides!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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