yz400f high reving, now doesnt start

I have a 99 yz400f, Last time I rode it it started high reving, I hit the kill switch and now it won't start. I've checked the spark plug and I have a sparks.

Also when I try to kick it over sometimes (about 1 in 10) the kick starter stops with a couple of inches to go.

Anyone got any ideas.

Might be a stupid response but have you got fuel in it? it will normally rev higher just as its running out of gas because the air/fuel mixture changes with more air than fuel.

As for the kickstarter sticking... not too sure about that one. Best thing to do is whip the valve cover off and just double check the valve clearance, its more than likely a kickstarter return spring or something like that but its worth just checking the valve clearance as its fairly quick to do and gives you peace of mind...

good luck. Where about in the UK are you?

Check the carb slide for integrity. If the slide is cracked/broken, high idle can be the result. If a piece broke off and found its way into the head, bad news. I would definitely find what is causing the binding before trying to kcik the motor over.

I am in leicester....Thanks for that. I was low on fuel, I've filled her up but she just won't fire I am going to have another go tonight.

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