'05 YZ450 graphics sets.

Are the shrouds on the '05 YZ and WR the same?

I was looking into getting a graphics kit for my bike and graphics available

for the YZF look better than the ones available for the WR.

I have a YZ rear guard on my bike too that looks very plain, but much better

than the WR one.

I was thinkin about the whole hurricane kit thing, but I don't think it would

look any good with the blue frame.

I put a set of 03-05 YZF graphics on mine and they fit the shrouds perfectly...SC

I just installed a 05' YZ hotwheels graphics kit on my girlfriends 05' WR 250f and it looks awesome. I had to do some minor trimming on the tank and the airbox decals as well as the fork guards needed a quick trim around the odo cable mount. We have had a ton of comments on how good the kit looks and for the $119.00 it was a total bargain even including a seat cover. If you would like to see a picture check this out. http://members.shaw.ca/griller_goalie/

Hey clark , did you get the clear or the blue acerbis ?? :banghead:

Plastics are the same from 03-05, only the gas tanks differ.

I got the "natural" tank. I like being able to see the fuel level...SC

Here's how well the graphics fit on a WR with no trimming...SC


I have an 04' WR450 and I assumed that the YZ graphics would fit. NOT!

Wicked! thanks guy's!

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