is this stuff junk

I should use it, but i don't and my bike is running fine. Have you searched TT for your answer before posting a new thread? somebody might have answered it.

And go to the general forum and read the "All TTers read this" thread.

I always run an upper cylinder lubricant, lead replacement (Morey's). Does it make a difference, I don't know. I don't seem to have valve problems but I have replaced the seats on the inlet valves with softer ones. For what it costs why not, A bottle of it goes a long way.

I have replaced the seats on the inlet valves with softer ones.

Is there any reason why you replaced only the seats on the inlets? Just curious.


There was a couple of reasons. The problem with the valve recession only seems to be occurring with the inlet valves. I don't know why that is but there is all sorts of theories.

the other reason was the cost. I got two heads done at the same time so the cost of the seat, valves, servicing etc all added up. I should have got the all done (seats were $66 Au each) but I had to draw the line somewhere

is this bikes valves life worse than the crf?

uhhhh.... yes. have you not read the forums? I am a kxf owner and the valves suck! my friend has a crf and rides 10 times more than me and harder and has had no problem. hate to say that about kawi ans suzuki cause i have been a kawi rider for 10 years but these kxfs have serious problems.

You probably got unlucky. Ive ridden my RMZ-250 like crazy and never had any problems. I can't say it might be rider error because I have no clue how you ride it.

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