Tall seat options, SDG or others.

Anyone out there use a tall seat? Considering an SDG. Any feedback would be great.


Anyone out there use a tall seat? Considering an SDG. Any feedback would be great.


I have the tall seat and foam from Baja Designs - its made by Guts Racing. About a $100 and sure is nice on those long DS rides :banghead:



I'm happy with my SDG tall seat, nice grip too....... :banghead:

Is the tall seat for cushion or for higher ride position? :banghead:

I got my tall/soft seat foam and gripper cover direct from GUTS Racing, I am very happy with it. It gives me a better seating postion, makes it easier to go from sitting to standing. Also gives a cushier ride, and finally, it allows me to squeeze the seat with my knees while standing, helping me hold onto the bike with my lower body and easing the strain on my arms.



stock is fine for me

i have a factory effex tall seat u can check it out in my garage.

the factory effex seat is also a lot softer

I have a SDG tall seat on my XR400. It's firmer than the stock seat, and a lot firmer than the stock seat on my XR650L. I got it because it I'm kinda tall, 6'1". A little more comfortable when sitting down. I wish it was red instead of black. Does anyone know if a stock height seat cover will fit a tall seat?

i will get an sdg when i buy my yz450f

I have an SDG tall seat. I am 6'2". If you get one plan one raising the bars, cuz they are WAY WAY too low. I felt like I was riding a tricycle.

I'm 6' 1" and run a Moose tall seat with gripper cover on my XR650R. Nice height and much more comfortable then the stock seat.

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