Will Be buying 05' wr450

Hi guys, this is my first post. I'll be purchasing a 05 wr450f in January. I have been told by one shop that I don't need to jet the bike once you take off the throttle stop and do the airbox mod etc, yet another shop said you need to re-jet the bike. So what is needed. One guy at the shop bought a 05 wr 450 and never jetted the bike and it runs perfect after the mods.

I live in Langley B.C in Canada(near Vancouver) so I'm not going to be riding really more then 3,000 feet max, most my riding will be near Princeton and Hope, Chiliwack etc.

What do you guys recommend?

Thanks, look forward to hearing back.

Bought my 05' in June and the bikes are already pretty lean from the factory and could stand a mild rejetting even before any mods are done.

Once the free mods (air box, grey wire, exhaust baffle) are done, I think you really need to rejet.

Read the sticky in this forum for Indy 450s recommendations on what jet sizes to use.

Time to buy some parts!

On this forum's TT Store buy the AIS removal kit and JD Jetting kit.

Buy a 72 starter jet, 48 pilot jet and YZ throttle stop screw from your Yamaha dealer.

Minimum Mods needed for this bike (research this forum):

gray wire

air box mods

uncork exhaust and insert aftermarket cork

grease all bearings since they are dry from the factory

Replace the stock kill switch and e-start buttons with YZ250 kill switch buttons that are twice as large and do not pop apart on the trails.

Bark busters and real bash plate are strongly recommended for serious trails.

Frame guards

Unabiker rad guards

Have fun on a great bike! :banghead::applause::lol:

how do u like your 490 kit?

I love the 490 bottom end. The larger volume with the same size carb gives better bottom end grunt and better partial throttle control. Slightly less fuel mileage but I run a 3.4 gallon tank. :banghead:

My dealer did all the free mods and it didn't run right until I had them do the AIS removal and jetting. BIG difference. They used the factory Yamaha AIS removal kit and jetted according to the race book......runs awesome!!

I live in Nanaimo so I ride at the same elevations and temps as you and I can tell that bike is way too lean from the factory, you need to rejet even with no other mods, if you do all the free mods don't even think about riding without rejetting. Buy the JD jet kit and a 48 pilot. Get an extended fuel screw too (zipty or similar) because it's so hard to adjust the stocker. Do the throttle stop, airbox, exhaust and grey wire and you'll have a completely different bike. (ride it first without mods and you'll be amazed at the difference, I was)

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