acrebis 5 gallon tank?

I found the afore mentioned tank for sale. The seller says that it takes a little trimming of the mounting studs in order for the tank to clear the neck of the frame of a 650L.

He also said that he switched to a smaller tank "for trail riding". Has anyone used this size tank before and if so did it seem that burdensome on manuverability?

Also it is a dual pitcock tank and mine is a single would it be hard to "T" those two lines together for single fuel line operation?



I have an Acerbis tank and it is great. My stock tank had a range of 106km on the main tank, the Acerbis has a range of 315km on the main tank. Because there are two petcocks there are two reserve tanks, although they are pretty small. With that kind of range the tank is great in the Baja. Even around town you don't have to run for gas every day. The physical size of the tank doesn't affect your handling but the weight of a full tank of gas does. Its top heavy and harder to do wheelies with until you use up about half a tank of gas. If your going to do some serious dirt riding just don't go with a full tank of gas. That's the price you have to pay for increased range, but definitely worth it. I don't know what Honda was thinking putting that puny stock tank on a dual sport! You don't have to trim the mounting studs to mount the tank. Just lube up the rubber studs with a little spit and pull the tank appart to spread the U channel and it will go on. It took three of us to mount my tank the first time, after its on the bike for a little while it takes a set and goes on easy. You do have to put a T or a Y onto the fuel lines coming from the petcocks. No problem. That tank is the best accessory I bought for my bike!

Cool dude

Thanks for the observations Ill have to buy it if I can get the right price.

Thanks again


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