Anyone used a steering dampener on this bike? WR426. Best bike Ive had, but steering sometimes to fast and wants to pull out of hands when trail riding. Any suggestions? :banghead:

I race So. Cal dez and do a lot of forest riding on my 01WR426. I chose GPR because of their customer service. They have supported me well. They also make a great product. I would also recommend Scotts. I hear great things about their product. Both Stabilizers are great.

My WR is a point a shoot missle with the stabilizer. I can say getting a stabilizer on my WR was the single biggest improvement of any item I have ever put on my bike. I will never ride without a stabilizer again.

I ride and race offroad not MX. So others may not agree. But for me a stabilizer is a must. I have a 05YZ250 as well and I set it up for a GPR stabilizer. All I have to do know is unbolt it off the WR and put it on my YZ and I am ready for offroad work.

Stabilizers are not cheap but once you have one you'll never want to ride without one. That one item has made me a better rider.

cool . Thanks for the advice. I was seriously looking into one but was concerned. :banghead:

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