Buying a used 00 WR400 - Questions

I'm going to be looking at a used 2000 model WR400 in the next few days, Ive spoken to the owner about the bike and I have a few questions for the folks in the know.

The bike has done around 30,000km (18,600 miles) and 10,000km (6200 miles) ago he did the big end bearing, and rings. He rides it on the road, as well as off road trails, I would assume the majority of the km traveled were on the road. He rides with a mate of mine, and knowing him, he rides pretty hard. The current owner is the first and only owner of the bike and has not done any modifications. I assume that means none of the 'free-power' upgrades.

I am a little concerned about the high mileage the bike has done. You don't hear of WR400s that have 30,000km on them very often. Can anyone tell me if I should be worried about this? What other parts on the bike would typically be getting tired at this stage? Are there any common issues with the 00 model WR400 that I should be aware of?

One last question for the Australians here. The bike is currently road registered, but the owner says that he doesn't have the blinkers. If I were to purchase it I would need to get a road worthy done. Apart from buying blinkers, what else do bikes typically need for road worthy's? Forgive me, as Ive never had to register a bike before. I assume its the usual items like brakes, lights, tyres, oil leaks ect. Am I missing anything?


PS: Ive been searching these forums for the past 3 days and have found a mountain of useful information. Forgive me if my questions have been covered elsewere.


road legal tyres

17 bucks for a pink slip...

thats all i can think of...


That is the most mileage I have ever see on a WR. While the WR is a very relaible bike, its limited 1.8 qt oil capacity (relative to on road oriented bikes) would make me very concenred that most all the moving parts except maybe the transmission would be near exhausted. Especially since your mate rides the bike fairly hard. Unless he is practially giving it to you, I would think that the near term repair/repalce expenses woudl exceed what you could pay for a MUCH less used ride. IMHO.

I had a look at the bike today. I noticed that the kick start leaver has a large dent in it where it has smacked into some part of the frame or pegs repeatedly. I seem to remember reading somewhere that this was an indication of something important, like perhaphs the rider was trying to kick through the compression stroke which means something bad... ?

It started on the first kick for him, Im not sure it was a true cold start because he knew I was coming to look at it and had plenty of time to warm it up. It idled fine, I took it for a ride and it seemed ok, but then again Ive never ridden a WR400 before.

Its in at the local Yamaha dealer getting checked over for me. Im still worried about the high mileage tho.

redbarron in sydney just got in a WR450 30,000ks still on the original piston and rings plus it was all road k's these types of bikes i would stay well clear of they are race bikes

duke2au where u getting a pink slip for $17? mine cost $28.70 if the rego check is the same as a car (more than likely it is) they will check the following vehicle identification,brakes,steering/suspension,wheels/tyres,body condition,seat,lights and aim,engine/drive line,exhaust,no dangerous protrusions fitted

Anyone else out there have opinions on this?

I have a 98' WR400 that has been ridden lots, 90% off road. Don't keep track of total miles on the odo, but I estimate it must have at least 15,000miles on it. Still on original piston/rings. Only problem has been with the carb slide (lots of posts about this) breaking - twice. Have since switched to a Quicksilver carb and really like it. I understand the 400's are much more bulletproof than the 426 or 450. Mine has been up and down Baja and all over the Calif. desert, and very dependable. I think it all depends on proper maintenance (oil changes). Good luck.

No need to wory about the kick starter, mine did the same thing.

...and I wish I didn't sell it.

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