Winter Storage ?

What do I need to do to my yz 450 before I put it away?

I drain the gas tank, take out the spark plug and put a couple drops of oil in the cylinder then re install the plug, and spray the engine with WD-40. I change the oil before I fire it up after winter and go on the first ride of the season.

There are lots of things you need to do...visit the Technical forum for your answer.

"Burned" has an excellent write-up on what exactly you need to do.

I think before you pack it up you should take it to Kamloops and ride the piss out of it with FAST426. :banghead::applause::lol: .

All I do with mine is drain the gas tank, drain the floatbowl (tip/kick bike over), pull the plug and put a few drops of engine oil (don't use WD-40 it will displace any moisture to the bottom of cylinder and rings = seized come spring) you can also try engine fogger (crappy tire), check coolant strength,and spray all bare metal and chain with HHS (sticky WD-40), I change the engine oil too before storage, cause of the accumulated moisture and corrosives.

In the spring It's rinse the tank with fresh gas and fill, new plug, oil change(again), Wash off the goop,check tires and fluids etc... then rip it!!! Take er' easy man.

P.S. Tell "T" thanx for the pics. Good camera work too.

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