250cc to a 270cc ....BIG DIFFERENCE!

I just got a 250cc head conversion from Dan Crower at CrowerPower.com

I was getting ready to sell my crf250 for a 450.

I simply wanted more juice. He talked me into the 270cc head conversion.

Here is what we did:

Steeled Sleeved 270cc Higher Compression Head Conversion,

Big Crower Custom "Gen 2" Cam, new factory valves, Bigger Jetting, CHM Head Pipe and Silencer, and 49 tooth rear sprocket All this added Lots more torque and hit. I rode the desert with my buddy who has a CR250. My X was running side by side with him. Fourth Gear Power wheelies feel really nice.

I rode it on the track too. Power was there instantly.

The increase in power helps keep the revs way down so hopefully the valves will last longer.

If you are thinking about this or want to know ways to get more power, Dan is totally cool about answering questions. Dan does his own custom Cam grinds from Indy Cars and Formula One cars and applies the theories these big racers use to bikes.

I found him at:

866-361-2267 or try:


(Tell him Jake from San Diego sent you)

I can vouch for Crowers work, they are big in the Pitbike scene as well and have a standing reputation for getting more ponies out of the minis than anyone else.

Head conversion!?!? Whats a head conversion and how does it garner an extra 20cc's?

Where'd you ride? Ocotillo?


Yeah I rode Ocotillo. Yes is was hot, but I had to try my new motor out.

Yes it is a 250 that is resleeved to a 270. Thats only an 8% increase in CC BUT it makes a HUGE difference in torgue and power. Plus its totally reliable.

Call Dan at his shop: 866-361-2267

He is super cool, will answer all your questions, and nobody knows these motors like he does.

His Dad is Bruce Crower (the legendary Motor Builder).

Remember "Crower Cams" sticker you would see on muscle cars?

Thats them. Hi swebsite is CrowerPower.com

Tell him you talked to Jake online and he will know why you are calling.



Ya but how many $ did it take.

OBTW, glad you liked the results :banghead:


I already got my big bore kit, but thanks dude.

Mine was cheaper than buying a new OEM jug and piston. $350 shipped. I supplied the cylinder and they supplied the bore, re-nik, Wiseco and gasket kit.

Jake , that is a great speed difference in that 270 kit huh! The regearing and monster torque is the way to get up to those stupid 450's out there i told you so..... thanks for the kind words . crower

Yes, I'd like to know, too. Maybe I'll write it up for Racer X.

LMAO...I should do the same for MXA.

I was thinking about getting the 290cc kit from Thumper Racing. Check it out:


It cost $800 for the complete top end and $1200 if Crower does it.

I think a 250cc-270cc article would be a great idea. Especially for those intersted in CRF250X. The Electric Start, Green Sticker, & Headlight are all killer options and when you add more Torque and HP with gearing to pull the extra pounds around, the bike is the perfect off-road machine. Excellent for Outdoor riding, and its a blast on the track too.

Can the 270 kit described run on 93 octane?

Crowerpower 270 kit does work out on 93 pump......but it does run cooler and cleaner on the recommended 100 plus octane and it last longer.....i like c-12 because Vp is close and the drop it off to me @ the dyno ...... The bigger duration of the Crower cam is what helps the thing work on pump gas......it's the only big bore kit with a matched up cam kit that we have tested on the dyno and track .Crower

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