06 Gas Tank

Newbie in the house looking for 5 or 6 gallon tank for an 06 xr650l, any suggestions?

Clarke 4.7.. check mine in my Garage

What he said!

The Clarke has cutouts for the blinkers and is a breeze to install.

I just got an 06 650 L also, and was wondering, about halfway down the cylinder head on the left side is a pump of some kind(im guessing either for emissions or something to do with oil). Will the clarke tank still install with that pump there?

thats a huge gas tank.

I have a Clarke 4.o gallon http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=5652 and its a perfect fit as well as providing about 150mi or so range riding hard.

The Clarkes have the best fit and smoothest finish most would say, me included :banghead:

The smog would clear, but it works much better in the alley dumpster, thats where mine ended up.

I just installed a Clarke 4.7 this afternoon and it is great! I think it took about a half hour for me to get the entire process done. The tank clears the emissons stuff without any problem. I had to rinse the tank a few times, but it that was about it for tank prep.

I just installed the Clarke 4.7 model # 1322 it is the newest model and fits perfectly. Best tank out there. :banghead:

I'm very satisfied with my Acerbis. It can hold 22.5 liters. The main tank gives me a range of 315km.

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