2000 Xr650r????

What's a 2000 XR650R going for these days? I might be able to pic one up fairly cheap. Roughly 2000 miles.


About $2500 to $3000, in good shape. 2000 miles sounds good.

got mine for $2800 recently, probably could have been lower.

I bought an 01 650r for $2,500 with a claimed ~350 miles on it. Other than this STEAL, they were hovering around $3k-$3.2k in the michigan/ohio area.

I bought an 01 650r for $2,500 with a claimed ~350 miles on it. Other than this STEAL, they were hovering around $3k-$3.2k in the michigan/ohio area.

Yeah, I think you stole that one. Maybe the one I'm looking at might not be such a good deal after seeing what you got.

Just found an 01 for 2200.00. Going to take a look at it tomorrow.

One mans junk is another mans treasure.

I just picked up a 2000 MA streel legal (Baja Designs kit), with extra parts from XR's only (skid plate, case saver) and IMS foot pegs and 3.4gal IMS tank for $2400

Seems in the MA area 2000's run about 28-$3400

On Craigslist they are going for $3000.-$3500.

I bought an 02' 650R In extremely good shape for $2500. It has aftermarket skidplate, devol ft and rr disc guards, devol rad. guard, xr's only case saver, gpr steering damper, uncorked with white brothers E series, IMS 3.2 gal tank, updated thermostat with 1.6 rad cap, and IMS pro series pegs. Bike has origininal brake pads, tires, chain and sprocket. It was a steal!




Holy hell Tmoney, that thing looks like it's barely been ridden. The right side clutch cover wear is a good indication. You got yourself a nearly new bike there. Good Job!


In Kommiefornia, I have seen them run anywhere from $1700 up to $5800 for a farkled out Supermoto bike. When I found my plated 00 XR650R I had seen unplated bikes for around $2700 - $3400. I paid $3400 White bro E can, Clarke tank, MSR barkbusterts, Trail Tech enduro with mount, Acerbis head light and Baja Designs duel sport kit.

Thanks Winkel! I did the standard yearly bearing maint., oil change, coolant change, In the process of building a dual sport kit. Bike runs like a top. Couldn't of asked for a better platform to start a dual sport build. Love the power over the 650L i owned previously!!

Just got a 2000 650r uncorked with an FMF pipe for $1500. It is a little scuffed up and needs some odds and ends but it has a clean street title and I think I'll be able to breeze it through DMV. I had to travel 2 1/2 hours to get it but I feel like I scored big....a bad economy has it's upside.


I paid 4000 for a street-legal 2000 with a lot of goodies. Plated, grandfathered XRs go for 1-1500 more out here in Cali.

I still think it was a good deal. the BRP rocks!

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