FMF Q1 or Q2 for XR650L?

Looking on some performance and sound feedback on the FMF Q1 and Q2. The Q1 is available from most vendors right now whereas the Q2 is backordered until November sometime.

I am looking for something not too loud but don't know if the Q1 is really much louder than the Q2. I prefer the Q2 for the looks but the Q1 is cheaper. Questions, question, questions...

Any experience?


I've got the Q1 on my YZ and am not real impressed with it. BUT, I was using an open DSP Ti system for competition prior to this. It took a chunk of my low/mid when I installed it, but high revs feel allright. I have a pal with the Q2 and he really likes it, but I've never had the oppertunity to try it out.

You results with the XR may be entirely different. I'd go with the Q2 at this point.

It's better to spend a little more upfront than buy multiple systems if you're not satisfied.

Q2 all the way!!!!

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