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Break in & Jetting Q's

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Ok guys my bike (1994 KLX 250) is getting a new topend everything: valves, head, .020 piston, the works. And right before the exhaust valves dropped I installed a dynojet kit. It only ran for about 5 minutes so I didnt even have time to play with the jetting but I do know it was slightly rich. In my thinking it would be safe to run it slightly rich, especially for the break in.

And for my break in, or well lack of it, I am going to go by the oil guy's info. If anybody knows what I am talking about its that website where the dude tells you to warm the motor up then run the piss out of it pretty much. I wish I had the link I kinda sound like an idiot with my interpretation.

But anyway is it safe to run it rich like this, it was blowing out some slightly black smoke when you give in full throttle with the clutch disengaged. I am pretty excited to get it back after in being gone for almost a month. Wish me luck!!

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