Ok, who makes the BEST and COOLEST dual sport kit?

I've seen some stuff from Europe, but it's obviously not DOT certified.

DS? Electrex?

Who's is the best kit?

Edit: By "best" I mean...cost no object, but basically just a dual sport kit. I'm not wanting to make a Paris/Dakar bike out of it...yet. Just want to plate it here in CA as a SPCNS vehicle, so it has to be DOT.



I think you'll find more than one definition of which kit is the best from different people. Some kits are the best to some folks because of their lower price. Some are the best because they're easier to install. Some kits may be considered the best because they provide better illumination at night, or perhaps someone thinks their kit is the best because the company offering the kits provides better support, etc, etc, etc. Some guys will choose e-Line, some Baja Designs, some will choose Trick Dual Sport, some Electrex (now known as Electrosport), some will build their own kits, etc. I looked at many different kits in person including the ones mentioned above and talked with these companies on several occassions before making my decision, but I went for Electrex for my needs and I've been very happy with it for the last year. It really isn't that hard to build a basic d/s kit yourself if you have some electronics and tech experience. I considered going this route, but I had my reasons for not doing so and chose to buy a kit instead.

I think you'll find support for most of the kits out there from various users, but it really depends on what you're looking for in a kit because not all the kits have the same features. Night riding was very important to me, so I wanted a kit that had a glass lens that could run a higher wattage bulb. One d/s company's solution was to tell me to go to Autozone and buy a +12V car light bulb and strap it on my handle bars for more light because their kit only had a 35W bulb in a plastic lens which may be fine for some people, but it wasn't fine for me. Some kits user weather resistant connectors and some don't. Some kits provide a little bit of security in terms of theft deterence and some don't. Some kits make it easy to connect a GPS or grip heaters and some don't. Some kits are DOT legal and some aren't. Some kits integrate a battery into their headlight / numberplate and some mount the battery remotely and some kits use a capacitor instead of a battery and the list of things like this goes on and on.

When I was researching kits, I made a matrix of features and weighed them based on their importance to me and that helped me to narrow down my choices. I don't have that matrix anymore so I can't post it, but it may no longer be accurate as some of these kits have evolved since I bought mine last year. If you're truly looking for the best kit for your needs, then I'd suggest looking at all the kits you can find and figure out which kit is best suited to you regardless of price. Then factor in the price and soon enough you'll know which kits you don't want and from there you can struggle with a final decision :banghead::applause:

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