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? problems with 1999/01 big H'bergs

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Looking at 1999 600 E and/either a 2001 501 E H’berg.

What are the potential problems with either bike??

What should I pay particular attention to when looking them over??

Are their issues with oil filters V screens for certain models and engine life as a result??

Approx- what compression should a good motor have??

Is there a way to check for broken oil return valves without stripping the motors down??

What’s the approx time between top end rebuilds with this vintage H’bergs??

and if poss approx cost$$??

Some boards I have been looking at make mention of the timing chain eating into the cases- is this a big issue and if so how do you test whether a bike suffers from this condition??

What’s the spares back up for H’begs?? And how do the cost of spares compare to more common bikes??

Thanks heaps for your help



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Don't do it, 2001 Bergs are notorious for counterbalancer and engine case problems. Ever see an ad for a berg with welded cases? Probably an 01. I had an 02 and had enough problems with it. On the other hand it was extremely fast.

Like dating a supermodel, great to look at, but really high maintenance.


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