1999 wr 400

Been looking for a four stroke, found a pretty clean 99 wr 400...

Desert tank, clarke new, frame guards and skid plates...

Renthal bars ...white brothers pipe...Paddle tire... Young guy owned it for around a year..says it starts and runs great...really fast!! hes selling it , wants a quad...Also has a 2004 green sticker on it...California ??

asking 3000.00...Whats it worth??

Any problems I should look for on this bike...??

Thanx again in advance for any replies.... :banghead:

Did a search, lots of good things said about this bike, stainless valves last forever, as reliable as the xr line....Sounds good...Are there some transmission issues with the early wr yz line ..?? If it checks out what would you give for this bike...

I have a 98 WR400 that I'm selling now because I just got an 04 WR450. I've had mine for a year, and it has been an excellent bike for me. I have had no mechanical problems, only a hot start button that was stuck (fixed it for $20.00). In my opinion, it is a great bike. Lots of power with the basic mods, and very dependable. I'm selling mine for $2,000 to the first lucky buyer. 3 grand sounds high to me, but for California and the green sticker, $2,600-$3,000 might be the right range, if it's in good shape. If it's not ragged out, you will be a happy owner.

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