04 WR450 Starter Clutch problem

It seems like the starter is a hot topic lately, but mine is a little different. I had a crack in my left crankcase cover. I took it off, repaired it, and put everything back together. Now my starter clutch will not engage the starter motor when I hit the button. The starter motor spline just spins freely. It looks like the starter clutch and the spline for the starter motor are not touching. It worked before I took it apart, and I think I reassembled it correctly (no extra parts). Anyone know what I've done wrong? I don't want to take it to Yamaha. They will just start replacing parts instead of fixing the problem. HELP!

By the way, does anyone know where to get a service manual for an 04 WR450? I can't find one online, Yamaha only carries the stock owner's manual.

It may be spendy, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a better manual than the Yamaha. Look on eBay, some folks are offering them in PDF form for a bit less, but I don't know if the '04 version is out yet...SC

It may be spendy, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a better manual than the Yamaha.

Yep, the Yamaha manuals are pretty decent, and easy to follow. :banghead:

Thanks. Still looking for help with my starter problem. I'm trying to download pics, but am having trouble getting them to post.

you have to find a server to host your pictures and then link them or insert them via link on this forum post. :banghead:

Your drive spline on the motor should egage with the torque limiter and then to an idler that engages to the starter clutch gear. :applause:

Absent a manual, try looking at The Yamaha Parts Page and look at the illustration for the starter clutch of an '04 WR.

See if the picture helps any.

Most likely the torque limiter is not engaged with the idler. Try reseating the gear and spin the idler gear with your finger to find a seating position. The limiter should engage and the cover should go on flush without using the bolts to press the torque limiter into position. :banghead:

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