06 WR450 or 05 TE450

I have also posted this on the Husqvarna Forum.

I am new to TT and I am planning to purchase one of these bikes (05 Husqvarna TE450 or 06 Yamaha WR450) in the next few weeks. I ride mostly in the woods of Eastern Kentucky with the occasional trip to MX track. I am looking for any info that would help me make the decision – like reliability, power, handling, general fun factor, cost of maintenance/repairs. Thanks.

I read through the post on the Husky form so I will put this in the Yamaha form-

I own an 04 WR450 and love the bike. I have had ZERO issues with it after 1400 miles of riding. Valves are still in spec as well!!!! You do need to do a few mods to get it to run but they are easy and simple to do. The ONLY thing I have done is changed the oil and air filters....that is it. My concern with the Husky would be dealer support and parts. Yamaha dealers are easy to find and parts are relatively inexpensive. I have never priced parts for a Husky so I do not know about that but I do know that there is not a Husky dealer within 300 miles of me. That is scary when you need a part today to ride tomorrow. If I was in the market today for a new rig I would look at the Yamaha or KTM - they have the best support in my area

yamaha will last longer with less work.

I can't really tell you about the Husky 450 but I rode the 250 this spring. It was an awesome bike. I still love my WR though. If you have a good parts supplier I wouldn't shy away from the Husky. It WILL be more expensive to maintain though. You'll get a lot more riding time with the WR.

i also rode 04 450 husky

this thing goes nuts from mid up

as said, if parts available, go for it, but mainteinance will be higher, afterall it is italian bike and they have a history of non guality, good looks and good racing capabilities

however yamaha with few free mods is a competitive rival, with superb low rpm traction, wich probably makes it unique in this class, but twist the throtthle and it flies, nicely controllably and fast

Beware of limited US support and long waits for parts delivery! :banghead: Remember when Husky ( Sweden) backed out of the USA completely and left everyone without support! :applause:

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