CRF450x vs. WR450f -- Tight Trails Weapon

I ride a CRF 450 and my riding partner rides a WR 426. I do not have a wide ration tranny so some of the tight stuff is more of a challenge. I have riden his bike several times and it is a good ride. However, his suspension is very soft and when we get into whooped out trails and hills the soft suspension gets the best of him. My Honda tracks better in the knarly stuff and the setup was easier as well as getting the jetting dailed in. The Yamaha is a good bike and I would take it over any other bike except the Honda. The reliability of the Yamaha is great but I prefer the Honda. The motor is better suited for the riding I do and the bike is bullet proof. I race enduro's and some MX. My next bike will the the 450X, the wide ratio tranny and the electric start make a good bike even better. I have ridden Husky's and rally like them. My last Husky was incredible and bullet proof (360 wxc). My problem was parts, I would order parts and wait three months to get them after paying for them up front. The last piston I bought cost me $284 for a 2 smoke., that did not include gaskets. After spending time talking with Pumkin owners at my last enduro, I would never buy one. These guys were telling me all the work they had to do to a new bike to fix factory problems like improper compression ratios, poor quality fork seals, and weak rear hubs. I passed three KTOOMS with broken rear hubs at my last enduro. I think KTM owners are like BMW guys, they don't mind spending money or working on something if it is a pretty trick to start with. If you buy the Honda I think you will be very happy. I race with several guys that have the X and they love them. The best and only mod's I would do is the Power Now, Boysen Air filter and filter basket (replaces the screen and helps the engine breath) and spring the bike for your weight. I had a Pro-Moto Billet end cap on my R and it worked great. I bought a White Bros. E2 pipe thinking the bike would run better (with the spark/sound arrestor installed), but it didn't. In fact now I have to change the jetting when I go up in elevation (4000' or more). I did not have that problem with the Stock/Pro-Moto setup. To thier credit, the White Bros. pipe works awesome when it's unplugged. I had a warranty issue with the first pipe. White Bros. sent me a new unit, thier customer service was awesome, and I plan on buying othe parts from them in the future. I just feel that you reaaly don't get the bang for the buck with aftermarket pipes. I hope this information is helpful to you.

|The Flea

2003 CRF450R

White Bros. E2, Boyseen Filter/Basket, Works clutch perch, Works Skid and Engine gaurds, Devol Radiator gaurds, ProTapers, Pro-Comp computer

I had a CRF and the valves burnt up on me, left me stranded in the desert. NEVER AGAIN. Yamaha is the only answer!

Either bike is a great bike. You have to go with what works. The WR is usually cheaper than the CRF450x and seems to be rock solid reliable. Not to say a CRfx isn't but the WR has a proven 7 year track record. I also believe the WR won the shootout against the CRF450x last year and this year.

It seems almost everyone where I live that rides tight trails, enduro or HS, rides KTM's. KTM also has a model lineup that looks like it would fit just about any level/size of rider. I am just not sure about the reliability and cost of parts with the KTM's. Also it seems the KTMs I have ridden feel cramped & awkward. After talking with NCMountainMan and a few others, if I had the money to dump, I wouldn't buy either one and would probably go with a YZF or CRF and detune it for the woods with several mods such as a flywheel weight, modified suspension & a rekluse clutch. I think even a modified YZ250 has some real possibilities for tight woods. I honestly think in the end result, you would have a faster, lighter and better handling Tight Trails Weapon - Plus you will still have a Tight Trail weapon that you could let it all hang out on the MX track on occasion. Sounds real appealing to me. That is why I am dumping my spare change into my YZ426.

Wide open desert and trails would be a different story...

My .02

What kind of riding do you plan on doing in moab? I have a large group going around the time you have stated. We are all pretty good on our bikes so we were looking forward to some pretty technical stuff. When we were there last time we hit poision spider, hells revenge, and alot of other well known trails but frankly they were to easy so do you have any suggestions? :bonk:



Moab is off road heaven! Never get tired of these rides! :applause:

We usually hit these trails:

Flat Pass & Slick Rock & Hells Revenge & Porcupine Rim

Pritchett Canyon & Behind The Rocks

Moab Rim & Kane Creek

Soverign & Bartlett Wash

Poison Spider & Golden Spike & Gold Bar &Metal Masher

Mt Peale & Top of The World


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