WR450 For Ice Racing?

Has anyone ever used their 450 for ice racing? How did it do/what mods did you do?

Thats an awsome bike for the ice. Plenty of power. Install a larger starter jet (Not the pilot jet) and you should be good. WR's rarely need much for jetting in the winter unlike the YZ's.

And with the lighting coil in the wr you can install heated grips. Bonus.

I'm sure it's a great bike. I'm probably going to start prepping my 03 for the ice later this fall (once I finish building the garage).

yzman400's suggestion of a larger starter jet is probably a good idea. I'll probably try a 72. Not sure by how much I will raise my other jets. Probalby 170-172 MJ. The rest, not sure. I'll have to see when I get there. Really looking forward to it.

Will you be running oval? Road Course? Trail? If you are planning on building a proper set of ice tires, it's a lot of work. I built a set for my wife's XR last year and it probably took me about 16-20 hours (I went with long screws and liners on the inside). I messed up the front tire, so I have to make a new one this year, which I will use on the WR.

Enjoy! I tried last year for the first time and I'm hooked!!

You can buy a set of ice tires already "screwed" from Jeff Fredette. A couple of other racers sell them as well. If you hook up with some of the Michigan boys they can give you good setup info. We race at 7,000 feet here, WRs jetted for here won't work there.

I just want to use it on the lake infront of my house in the winter. We race cars, sleds and 4-wheelers (nothing with studs though).

What is involved in studding tires? I was just going to find a cheap set and screw some studs into them? Any suggestions?

There is a lot of info on TT, so start searching!!

Here one from the DR side that is pretty good:


From the WR side:


There is also a lot of info on the YZ side too. If you search, you'll find info about setups from people how just want to get on the ice with sheet metal screws from Home Depot to the pros that build tires with liners approved screws (Holiday Screws, Kold Kutters, Gold Screws) and then you get the crazy ones like Frostbite (before getting his Kimpex rear track conversion, he was using snowmobile studs)!!!!

I use one inch Kold Kutters with heavy duty tubes and tire liners. I'm going to stud a set of Maxxis IT's so I can hopefully get some bite in the snow, but the Kenda 335 is an excellent choice also and maybe a Dunlop 690 for the front. Just some suggestions, I also use a set of Moose tire wraps for unloading and getting to the ice, saves on the studs and on $$ in the long run. Good Luck. :applause:

Has anyone ever used their 450 for ice racing? How did it do/what mods did you do?

Most important mod you NEED to do is jetting. :cry:

I have Akrapovitch silencer with noisekiller and Twinair filter with Twinair cage (this is not a paid commercial but needed information why my bike is jetted like it is)

I use normally #168 mainjet but when iceracing I go up to #170 I also use DUS needle, you might need to rise it up a groove from normal setting. Slow jet is #52. What I did is I went to dyno to get jetting right at the spot and then you need to go bit richer because cold air has more oxygen.

Biggest problem usually is when after a long straight with full throttle you slow down for a corner. Engine goes lean on idle and ..... :bonk:

So you need to be sure that idle is rather bit rich than lean. Also while in dyno ask the operator to run needle mixture profile. 1/8 throttle, 1/4 throttle, 1/2 throttle etc. then you now that engine would not be lean. :applause:

One big thing with 4-strokes is that you warm-up engine before going on racing. People here are actually installing/using thermostats to get engine temp high enought. You can also try to covering radiators.

Timo Mc

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