Tachometer help

Hey guys, I've been looking at allot of threads about tachometers. I'm looking for a hand-held tach for jetting and all I've been able to find are the type you mount to the bike. I called the local Yamaha dealer and he told me about the clamp on timing light/ tach but, beings that the "05 it doesn't have your typical plug wire he would have to look into it and get back to me. Anyone have what I'm looking for or know where to find one.

I have a Sendec unit that I've attached semi-permanently to the bike. It's mounted out of the way with 3M heavy-duty tape on the head tube, just above the CDI. I use it only to monitor my idle setting hence its position. The model number is 806-100-1032 and has both the tach and hour meter which is nice for maintenance intervals. I got it off of eBay for around $30...SC


Thanks clark4131, where did you land the end of the wire or pick-up coil?

I wrapped it around the plug wire next to the coil about 6 times and it picks up the RPMs quite nicely...SC

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