WR450F price$ in California???

Hey guys could you give me a hand with the prices in California, dont have any idea im from Az, but will be buying in it her in California. How about any comments on Mission Motorsports... Thanks!!!

I know the store as I am originally from Laguna Beach. Everytime I have been in there I have had a great experience. Nice people that seem to know their stuff. I have never purchased from them though.

When I was checking a few months ago a couple dealers up in LA had the best prices :banghead:

I have been to Mission Moto a few times for the parking lot sales and for some service issues. Good place and good people. However, I bought my YZ from Champion Yamaha in Costa Mesa, about 20 north of Mission Yamaha.

I agree. L.A. yamaha has the absolute best deals right now. OTD prices online at www.layamaha.com

we bought 2 wr450's and 2 crf450x's for 6400 out the door for each. We got good deals on the wr's and smokin deals on the x's

I bought my '05 wr 450 from mission motorsports at their new building in Irvine. Paid higher than I should have at $6497 out the door. Staff is friendly and seems to be much more knowledgeable than most other dealerships.

GO SOUTH to moto pro they will beat missions price hands down and I live right by mission trust me its worth the drive saved about 500$ on the last wr

I talked to the guys at Mission 2 weeks ago and they wanted to charge freight, setup, etc. I didn't think I look like a moron but these people apparently thought I was an idiot. Champion in Costa Mesa has been pretty reasonable in the past especially if you walk in with the OTD quote from the competitor in LA which is usually published in cycle trader each week so spend the $1.25 for thsi weeks copy for starters. :banghead:

I live in Napa Calif.our Yamaha shop here has them for 6195.00$ out the door it says on the price tag for an 2005.

nor cal or so cal shopping

I just bought one w 150 miles on it with skid plate, rad braces, disk protection excellent condition for 4300.00 2004 wr450f

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