Gas tank decals

Anyone know of a after market decal that stays on the gas tank?

I don't know of any after market decal that will not blister. I have found that the blisters are caused by a restriction in the USA on the type of glue that can be used. The decal blisters due to gas vapor coming thru the plastic on the plastic tank and bubbling up the decal. I am convinced this is what is blistering the decal.

If you drain the gas after you ride it does not blister ( not very practical solution, but I do it) :banghead: ). I have read that N-Style decals are better but I have no personal experience with N-Style.

The XR650R has decals on the tank, some bikes have have decals on the rad shrouds ( none on the tank) and the rad shrouds go way up on the tank.

So forget how it looks just gas it.

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