Billetanium Hydraulic Clutch Adjustment

I just installed the Billetanium clutch. It feels much lighter than stock. However, when I shift the gears with the ckutch oulled in, the bike jump. Does anyone know the best way to adjust the clutch? I think it is not disengaging the clutch completely.

There is a possibility that you May have installed the Clutch Friction Disks, and Metal thrust Disks in the wrong order.

According to the service manual it says the first 2 parts installed are..( starting from the clutch boss in the center) Seat Plate ring. And #2..Clutch Dampener Spring (also ring shaped).. Followed By a Friction plate..and then Metal Plate (stacking from inside to the outside).

You didnt mention if you had got new Clutch Friction, If you didnt.. thats your problem possibly as well. Since the old ones have edges that will Bind on the New Billetanium Clutch Basket you installed, and may cause the clutch to engage erratically.

Hope this helps.


I suppose I should have added more detail.. After you start stacking Friction and Metal disks.. (must be done in that order as my last post till you run out. :) And come to the pressure plate that packs all of them in a neat package.. then You are basically done.

If they gave you new Springs for the pressure plate.. Always use them. If not.. get new ones. I strongly recommend you do to improve clamping force, to prevent slipping.

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