Promoto Billet Endcap on YZ400f

I'd like to say thank you to those who recommended this alternative to my loud full PC system (T-4) that was catching the attention of rangers at my local riding area. I loved the power characteristics of the PC system but the noise police were starting to be a problem. Anyway I installed the stock exhaust system with the Promoto Billet endcap after inspecting the packing. After buttoning everything up, I fired the motor and it was instantly more quiet with a nice bark tone to it at idle. Once revved it remained quiet but barked to life with authority. I took the bike out for a street test and was pleasantly surprised with the power. My PC system had so much snap off of the line is was like a 2 stroke but the Promoto system can snatch the frontend up almost effortlessly and the bike accelerates smooth and crisp. I recommend this setup to anyone looking for a quiet setup and wants to use the stock exhaust. The endcap was $130.00 and comes with all the hardware and rivets and I bought a rivet gun for $10.00. This was a bargain and I'm happy with the outcome :banghead:

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