HELP! Won't start

have an 03 yfz450 and it won't start. It's been sitting for about 3 months, I replaced the gas, new spark plug but it won't kick over. I pulled the plug and ignition and I am getting spark. Choke is out. Fuel is flowing from tank through hose but I haven't checked any farther than that.

I need ideas. Can anyone think of anything?


If it started 3 months ago it will start now.

Open the drain screw on the carb and let some gas flow through to flush out any junk

then hold it wide open and give it a few kicks.

Just after I posted I went back outside and stared at the bike. As I'm thinking that it's not getting gas I look at the carb. I'm thinking to myself "I have fresh gas in the tank." then it hits me. I don't have fresh gas in the carb! I drained the float bowl and it starteed on the 3rd kick.

Ok Ok I admit it. STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

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