Smog Block Off result?

This is a newbie question, but I have to ask. Used search and found that everyone that installs or has the smog block off kit (I have the IMS kit) is rejetting at the same time. Is it necessary to rejet the carb if I remove the smog? I guess I am asking if by removing the smog, will it richen the bike up and help it to run cooler until I can rejet?

No, at least not in the case of my bike and most other people that I have talked to. At most with the smog stuff removed, the bike backfired less on deceleration and lost about 2 lbs. But there aren't any huge gains to be had like with uncorking.

I did the block off first. Then the rejet.

I like to feel the difference between

changing things around.

On the jetting, I went with a 52 pilot

because the 55 was back ordered.

No need for a 55 with my setup.

The needle is really where it needs work.

.022 totally got rid of the cold bloodiness

and it's really pretty smooth now. (for a thumper)


I just got back from the test ride after removing all the smog stuff. It does keep the popping down! It was not a big deal to do the actual work. I will be rejetting the bike in the next week, though I think that will take a little more work to complete.

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