2000 xr600r vs. 2005 xr400r

can anyone tell me the difference between the 2 bikes besides the motor size and weight. I have a chance to buy a 2000 xr 600r with 25 original miles on it for 2500.00 with a brand new Baja kit still in the box. Does the newer 400 have better suspension or are the bikes the same. I know the 600 is heavier but I am so tempted to get the 600 and uncork it. I am a total weekend warrior but have been riding for years. Does the 400 have close to the same power or is the 600 that much more powerful. Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated. I am going to buy the 600 anyway because its brand new and is a great buy but I will buy a new 400 if its worth it. Thanks

If I were in connecticut, and I was looking for an offroad only bike (no dual sport), I would not think about the 600/650 size bikes at all. They are not ideal tight trail bikes.

They do make great dualsport though. Nothing like to look on a squids fact when you pass them on the inside of a tight corner.

can we please stick to my questions? Just kidding!!! Can someone please tell me if there are any suspension diffeences. Are the forks the same?

I have owned both and the rear suspension is for the most part identical in set up. The front forks on the 400 has both compression and rebound dampening adjustment where the 600 only has adjustment for compression. The suspension on both bikes can be set up to be very compliant for trail riding. The 400 definitely feels lighter and more nimble but lacks the big block torque that can be very addicting.

I've owned both, and would pick the 600. I know the 400 has a good following. It felt like a slow xr600 to me . Both bikes need susp. work. I think the 400 is worse than the 600. It is very unbalanced out of the box. I had my susp. worked on both bikes, and liked the 600 better. I own a 650r now and it's a great trail bike. If I had to get back from the middle of nowhere , I would choose the xr600 every time. I'm going to ride Barstow to Vegas this year. I've got to worry about radiators. I did it on my 600 held it wide open most of the time, unless I was laying on th ground. It was bulletproof . I still don't feel that way about the 650 . I guess it's going to take time.

Did you get the XR 600 or the XR 400?

I am getting the xr600. I can't resist the bigger motor plus there isn't that much difference in weight. Can't wait to uncork this bike and throw a pumper carb, aftermarket exhaust etc.. Any Suggestions?

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