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There is a fix for the carb. Something about removing the choke flap of the choke plate. But what is it good for???

I get the idea of fixing the Air cut off valve, (I think) but not with this choke fix.

Can someone also please help me with the honda parts No for 70s jet, 178, 180 and 185 main jets.



Removing the choke flap does two things. First there has been a couple choke flaps that off and was sucked into the engine. If that happens the small spring and rod can make it into the cylinder.....not good. Second and not as important is that the flap makes some what of a turbulence in air flow. Once the bike is jetted right, the bike will start easier on full choke.

68s pilot jet 99105-MBN-0680

70s pilot jet 99105-MBN-0700

Intake carb insulator 16211-MBN-640

#175 Main jet 99101-357-1750

178 Main Jet 99101-357-1780

180 Main Jet 99101-357-1800

185 Main Jet 99101-357-1850

B53E comp needle & seat 16012-MBN-641 or 16012-MBN-671




lol...that last pick...the carb looks really happy now :applause:

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