Run in

How long do i wait to hook in on my new bike? :banghead:

personally, the way I break-in a new engine ... for the first couple hundred miles, I run her up and down thru the gears without high-revving, and varying the RPMs ... change the oil, clean the filters ... then up to about the first thousand miles, I run it harder, but not over-revving, etc ... change oil, etc ... then , run it like ya stole it, these Hondas are extremely durable, it will take a lot of punishment ... be very diligent at checking your oil level, I've seen some ruined because they do use a bit of oil, and have been run dry ... now, go ride :banghead:

When I picked mine up the dealer said:

"This isn't some prissy little motocross bike you should take it easy on. We simply ask that for the first tank of gas that you run through it, that we provide, you don't hold it at one RPM for too long."

I did such as roadcam says for the first three tanks, and then started the fun :banghead:

Don't forget to change the oil every 100 mile for the first 500 miles. It will come out silver the first few changes. I change the filter the first oil change then every other one after that.

Mind-bendingly good info there! I knew there was a reason why the lazy bastards who started thrashing their new machines right away had so few problems later. Eventually I got to where I always ran the pi$$ out of a new engine too just based on that observation. Obviously, frequent oil changes are the biggest part of the equation, but the old adage of "break her in the way you're gonna run her later" certainly has merit.

I always have run'em in hard . No problems . Boats ,cars etc.. Even Bomdardier runs in about 10 mins wide open and they say they dont want it going out door if it wont stay together those first 10 minutes. They had a special test tank for outboards with no test prop ( they used prop that should be on it ) My folks sent me the newspaper article from Wiscosin, with pictures and quote.

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