please help with aftermarket exhaust

I have a 2000 xr 600 with 25 miles on it that I just purchased. Does anyone have any prooven results with aftermarket exhausts. I just want to unplug this beauty and get some more power without going over 100 db. I will probably put on a new air filter, some kind of pumper carb (edelbrock?). How do you remove the restrictor in the air filter and how do you remove the stock baffle. Does this bike need to be uncorked like the 650r and does it respond well to these above mentioned parts. Please help. It seems everyone has an opinion on which is better but does anyone have any prooven results. It also seems when people make their bike louder that is has more power and I know that this is not always true.

anyone, anyone, Buehler

I would go Mikuni TM41

Pilot Jet - 12.5

Pilot Screw - 1.5 turns

Air Jet - none = 2.5

Needle - 6FJ41 4th w\ clip in 4th slot

Needle Jet - Q2

Main Jet - 230

"E" series White Brothers muffler or other mega phone style muffler. 12 disks will put you about 98~100db @2,000 rpm. I had an Pro MegaPhone SuperTrap on mine with an XR's only header. At first I ran 12 disks but, then went to 12 without the back plate. That is the nice thing about mufflers with disks; you can tune them. 8 disl is about 96db and should pass the sound test.

I had an Mikuni TM38 at the time that was the ticket, now there is better.

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