Which Sparky for 2000 YZ 426

What's up guys & Gals?? New to the forum because I retired my 2 smoker for a 2000 yz 426. Think I got a good deal, bike looks brand new with very few hours for $1900. Anyways the bike is all stock and I need to know which sparky works best with this bike. I ride trails only in Michigan for the past 25 years and just starting to learn about this "Thumper" stuff. Any help? Thanks.

I also have a 2000 YZF and absolutely love the DR. D Exhaust system I inst. last summer. The header pipe is higher so you don't have to take it off to clean/change your oil filter. It's a low decibal level (I can't remember how low) and it has a spark arrestor. It "hits" very similar to the stock pipe. Just a little more tame on the low end. When I bought the bike it had a White Bros. E-series Exhaust on it. What a piece of feces! The bike was sluggish, you have to change the baffles, and now you have to thread 4" titanium screws into a 1/4" aluminum flange that's been subject to hot exhaust temp's. You do the math. My two cents worth. :banghead:

I'll 2nd what Satch says - NGK CR8e. A little difficult to change the 1st time you do it - but I only change my plug once or twice a year. Good price for the bike - Welcome to the thumper world. Any problems/questions you may have, you will find the answer here!

Keep the oil changed and the air filter clean and you shouldn't have any problems. My 426 is all stock and I haven't had one issue. :banghead:

Thanks for the responses!! To make my question clearer,,,,, I was referring to a Spark Arrestor (thanks for the plug info thou) Should I just get a Spark Arrestor for the stock pipe or is a whole exhaust system recommened? And which one?

I had a White Bros. E-Series exhaust on my '00 426 and was quite happy with it. Silverlake's concerns are justified as I ran into some issues with the threads getting crossed up from time to time. I ended up having to run a tap through to clean up the threads at least a few times. Other than that, I was very happy with its performance and sound.

Pro Moto Billet sells an end piece that can be riveted to the stock exhaust system to get you USFD approval. It usually runs around $125 and takes about 20-30 minutes to install. I picked one of these up off Ebay for $75 brand new (good deal to me) and have been using it on my YZ450. It's nothing special, no power gains or anything but it's a cheaper way to get forestry approval than buying a new exhaust. If I wasn't in school right now and could afford to, I'd throw the money down on a Dr D. exhaust.

For an older bike and if your mainly trail riding, it may be worth saving the cash and going with the Pro Moto piece. If you go that route, you'll probably want to repack your stock exhaust while you have it apart.


There are several aftermarket spark arrestor end caps for sale, that's probably the least expensive way to go. As mentioned above Pro Moto Billet makes one, Dr. D makes one as well. I'm sure there are others. Not sure where you ride, but if you have to quiet it down from the stock level then the FMF-Q has a stellar reputation for a very quiet exhaust with good power for the noise level.

Has anyone used this Thunder Alley. If so what is their approx dB rating w/ a spark arrestor :banghead:

Thanks everyone!!! :banghead:

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