Taffy, we are whiners aren't we


I'm sure yor tired of us Americans whining about our problems (noise, land closures, etc) when it looks like those of you in the UK are basically done riding until the Foot & Mouth problem gets sorted out. Sorry to here about the off roading ban, and I hope you can maintain your sanity until the ban is lifted. I do sort of feel your pain though, I'm without my bike in Italy for the next couple of months and this forum is my only connection with my favorite hobby. On the plus side though, I'm working side by side with my RAF counterparts here and have been attempting to school them on proper English (unsuccessful so far though).



Are you a Flap? :)

I was a Squid, and damn proud of it!!

And I was a Bubblehead, and then I was a Boomer Fag, and a F'ing Nuke.


squid: Navy

Bubblehead: Submariner

Boomer Fag: Missleboat sailor

F'ing Nuke: Nuclear (Machinist Mate) Operator; we worked in the engine room


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.


i'm alright brad, it's them others...

if your job is to do with zoo's, B & B, or anything to do with people visiting the country you're in the deep stuff.

news this morning is that it is going to get four times as bad by june. they've lost the battle to control the epidemic & now, this week it's in europe.

everyone is being responsible by not going for country walks or rides etc. in anglia we're the only place left in the country that hasn't got it. we are 90% arable. where i live is where all the vegetables are grown in the rich black soil of the fens.

no, i'm dead lucky brad so i'm not complaining. everyone should spare a thought for the farmers. they showed a documentary last year on a welsh family from near my dad's home (cerrygyderidrion) where the family of sheep farmers were living on like £100 ($140)per month & the old man (dad) was doing an 80 hour week. the 8yo had a party with recycled clothing for presents...

& now this...



Flap eh... I havn't heard that one! My only experience with the Navy was a few days on a carrier in the Persion Gulf. It was more of an Air Force appreciation tour than anything, but believe me I have a whole new respect for squids since then. We were billeted in what were considered "good" quarters (awake all night from the cat shots). I can't even imagine the living conditions on a sub. Not sure if you've been to NSA Naples but that's where I'm staying now. I don't know how long it's been since you got out, but you'd be amazed at the quality of the facilities here. Oustanding even by my (Air Force) standards. I heard that Naples used to be really bad so its good to see that somebody is willing to make improvements.


We can only hope that the proper assistance will be available to help bail those farmers out who've lost their herds. My prayers go out to them and their families.

Sorry to ramble but I'm seriously bored over here...

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