Suggestions sought-new 05 WR450 running lean

New member and back to dirt after a long while.

I just got a new 2005 WR450F. Right at the dealer I noticed that the bike is running way lean, more than I expected. During my first ride at Hollister OHV park in CA I confirmed that it does run lean although much less so when the bike warms up. At the beginning I had to fiddle with choke and idle screw (?) to prevent the bike from stumbling.

I'm looking for suggestions on what to do to fix this. I'm not looking for all-out performance mods as I want to keep the bike mostly stock, at least for now.

I looked at this

but, frankly, it seems more than I want to do.



PS. I did remove the hrottle stop.

If you removed the throttle stop, did you replace it with the YZ version? If not, you run the risk of locking your throttle open and sending your bike and yourself into hyperspace...and not the good Han Solo kind. Also, if you've done the throttle stop, then you need to cut the grey wire as well, as that allows the bike's timing to compensate for the increased fuel.

With that out of the way, consult Indy450's jetting chart and it will get you damn near perfect based on your temps and elevation. If you don't want to buy the JD Jetting kit with extra needle, then at the the very least, you'll want to invest in an '04 needle as the '05 is not adjustable. And there you have it, stock, but not totally stock...SC

My 05 I went up one size on the main and pilot just to get it to run. It's very lean out of the box. The needle is a must, the 05 stocker is not good. I might have a JD blue needle to sell, if you need one.

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