Xr650r Will not run right!

Has anyone got any ideas where to go next? My BRP will only run on half choke, it has a 68s pilot,175 main, B53e needle set at 4th clip and the float height set at 16mm. Runs great on half choke! idles ok with no choke,...Pilot screw seems to make no difference to engine note when screwed in.

Any help appreciated at this point.

Sounds like the vacuum port is not plugged. I just saw that you are in the United Kingdom so, this bike should have come from the factory uncorked.

What exhaust are you running?

What air filter?

Make sure you didn't get a California bike. they are different and need to be uncorked.

Sounds like you are running lean because of an intake leak.

The bike has the standard exhaust, drilled out tip,and standard air filter,definately Euro bike, and no air leak on the intake,squirted WD40 around carb while running,no leaks showing up.Is it likely to be on the needle/needle jet as it seems to be from 1/4-3/4 throttle opening? Where to next?

When the needle was changed out the needle jet (the jet the needle runs in) is upside down or missing. The main jet screws into the needle jet holder but, the stock carburetor has the needle jet sitting ontop of the needle jet holder. The small peice that rides on top is the needle jet and sometimes gets put in upside down or is not put in at all. This sure sounds like what you have going on here. In the service manuel there is a picture on page 5-7

Thanks for the input, the needle jet is still there,the correct way up!

The plug is sooty, even after dropping the needle to the 1st position. I tried to order a 671 needle set, but they don't even list it in the Honda dealers here in the uk. I think the 641(b53e)is too rich, what do you think? The pilot seems pretty good now, idles well and very snappy up to 1/4 throttle. Would going down on the main (175) make any difference?

Cheers for the help

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