400 to 450 body conversion?

Wondering if anyone can tell me what would need to be done to make 450 shrouds and tank fit on a 400. I know it's been done by at least 1 person on this site. Anyone help me out? I really like the 450 look better than the 400/426 and the graphics options etc.. are vast in comparison

Big help.. how much did the conversion cost you?

I just about broke even.....bought most of the 450 stuff on eBay and sold my 426 on eBay.

here is a 400 that was done

I did this 450 conversion too.... I converted my 2000 wr400f but difference is, I used back my stock 00 subframe. The subframe are similar, the difference is in the mounting; and since the 00 wr400f comes with steel subframes, I removed and repositioned the mountings (easier to weld on the steel subframes)

here is my bike with the motard wheels...


Does anyone know if the radiators from a 400 would work on the conversion? Aremean_troy seems to be MIA

Ah yes, I remember the good old days when I converted my '02 to an '03. . . :banghead:

I would like to do the same conversion with my 2002 wr426. Did you use our stock airbox? Could you send me some pic's of the required mods to the subframe. Any recommendations on seats?

Thanks for any help

Which side panels do you use in this conversion? Can you modify the stock airbox to go into a 450 subframe?

you need the airbox.. I just picked one up off ebay for 30 bucks.. just keep your eyes open

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