ANYBODY W/A '94 XR650L and SMOG BLOCK-OFF?! I need help!

I have no idea how to route the hoses, everything is different from the article. My bike is also a CA model. I tried to de-smog it today, and now it won't start. If somebody could PM me or reply or anything!

Thanks guys!

I did it! All ports plugged except the very bottom which is a vent along with the left side. Also, the front top LEFT is connected with a reused tube over to the right side of the carb. IMS instructions said to plug both front top ports, but that didn't work on my '94 California model. Thanks IMS :banghead:

Bike still pops a lot when decelerating, if anything more than before. This might be because there was a mouse living in my airbox for god knows how long. It decided to chew my filter and crap all inside it, needless to say, it needs replacing...Twin-Air filter is going in on Monday, the shop needed to order a "cage", something nobody has mentioned on here.

When replacing the stop filter to aftermarket you also have to buy a "cage" that goes under it to support the filter from getting smooshed by the bracket, add $16 to airfilter...

Get a UNI filter, they come with the plastic cage support.

Dammit, the guy talked me into the Twin-Air, which he had to order (neither were in stock).

twin air is way better........get it!

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