06 WR450F Front Disc Guard

Anyone know of a front disc guard that will fit an 06 WR450F. I ordered this UFO one (WB_511450) from the store here which was suppsed to fit an 05 and the 2nd hole is not even close to being lined up with the caliper bolt hole.

A guy from the Thumper Store said....51-1450, - It should. I'm 99% sure, as it fits the 05 WR450F and there are no real changes for 06.

I posted this question a few weeks ago and I was told Cycra will be coming out with one for the '05 soon. Have not seen it around yet. Anything that fits prior to '05 will not fit an '05 so I would guess it would not fit an '06. Unless it is because of that worthless new computer you have on the bike. Take it off and I will gladly buy it off you. :banghead:

Topar makes a front disc guard for the '05/'06, but it's not like the Cycra. It's a billet aluminum deal, very similar to the shark fin for the rear and mucho dinero. Also, Rooster makes one, but I wasn't too impressed with their design. It looked a little flimsy to be honest...SC

I rather not do metal. Just looking for a plastic guard. Anyone find one for an 06?

I run the Rooster disc guard, front and rear, and there is nothing flimsy about it. Trust me, I have crash tested, stump tested, log tested, & rock tested these guards, and they hold up fine.

I hope the Acerbis one fits. I was told it would.



I will second that Rooster makes nice disc guards. I run a Zipty sharkfin in the back and rooster disc guard in the front. I have smacked a few rocks pretty hard and it never bent. What I like about the Rooster or other metal designs is that they dont clog up with mud like the plastic designs do. Probaby just a matter of preference but I think rooster makes some nice stuff that works. Just my two cents . . .


I just got an update from Cycra and was told that the guard for the '05+ will be ready in a couple of weeks...SC

Still no plastic ones out?

Have you checked with Acerbis plastic?

Acerbis Spider Evolution Front Disc Guard fits my 2006WR. Looks good and does the job. They are hanging on the rack at Motoworld. The Acerbis Spider Universal Front Disc Guard DOES NOT fit the 2006WR.

I bought the Acerbis Spider for my '06 instead of an aluminum front disc guard. The aluminum guards supposably rattle and I like to stay stealthy.

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