YZ coolant recovery tank

Who has made one; rigged one? Can you post pics? I have tried all the coolant tricks but in the prolonged tight stuff in Alabama heat I still am boiling out coolant. I know I have read post where some have done this.

Do a search if you know there are previous posts on it. You'll find lots on this topic.

Yea, I have read some. CRF guys having same problem, thing is I can't get any of the pics to come up; maybe post too old?

Motion Pro make's a coolent recovery tank that fit's behind the front number plate

I helped with my friends YZ400f- we bought an OEM overflow bottle for a WR (I think it was a 426?) and all the tubing and cap. Then mounted the overflow bottle on the left inside of the rear fender, try to position it so the tire will not hit it if your suspension compress' all the way. Just run the tubing along the inside of the frame, carefull not to touch exhaust with the tubing. And attach to your Radiator cap. Now next time you ride it and it gets hot the coolant will go into the overflow bottle- let it cool off and it will go back into the radiator. My friend has Purple Rain (like engine ice) in the coolant also, he doesn't ride real fast so it will heat up, and he has never had a problem now with the overflow bottle on. I will get some pics to post for you. :banghead:

take a piece of tubing, a turkey baster, some zip-ty's, and get creative. Mount it wherever you want.

I did the Turkey baster thing. Seems to work from my garage test. Doesn't seem to hold alot I will have to see how it works when the going gets tough and she really starts puking her guts out. This could be a cool creative mod. :banghead:

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