Am I getting screwed????

I bought a set of new tires for my bike a while back and I'm just now getting ready to mount them. I took them back to the shop that I bought them at and they want to charge me $20/tire for mounting. Is this fair or in your experience do most shops mount the tires for free or a nominal charge if you buy them there?

$5-$8/tire sounds more like it & is the going rate @ my local shop, bryan. one of the best things i've learned to do is change my own. tire irons are cheap & the forums's own tech section allowed me to hone my skills even further w/small, helpful hints. there's nothing quite so humbling as changing a rear tire. after that, the front is child's play! recommend a new shop w/more reasonable prices. bobwombat

I just called my shop and talked to the service guy. $23 per tire. Tire irons are cheaper than that. I think I will be doing my own tires. I don't think they like to do them or something. It takes less than 5 min with the machine. No thank you I say.

I hate doing tires, but my shop charges 13$ per tire, so now I have started doing them myself. Get 3 real sturdy, large levers that will give you good leverage. I've found its much easier to do a tire change if another person helps you out, holding the tire, a third lever, etc.


Been changing them myself forever... and I just relearned something that I had stopped paying much attention to.

Lube the crap out of the ENTIRE tire bead... slop it on there heavy and the effort to do the job drops by about 70%.

Either dishsoap in water (lotta soap, not much water)... or WD-40...Hose it on.

Big difference!

But of course be careful about pinching the tube.

These guys at the shops get spoiled doing tubeless street bike tires, when you show up there with a tube tire with rim locks they actually have to earn their money.

I have seen more than one of these guys shredding tubes and cutting his knuckles trying to r&r a tube type tire w/ rim locks.

I think its worth 20 bucks, if I can watch them suffer....

After 20+ years riding, I finally figured out how to change tires with regular tire irons. Like a lot of things in life, I think you just have to pay your dues, bloody some knuckles and sooner or later you'll get it. I can do it now w/o any lube, unassisted. IMO, the trick is slightly inflating the tube once it's in the tire. Also, I like to use c-clamps to compress the tire into the middle of the rim.

By the way, my local shop charges $30 to change a rear tire!


My shop in Lake Forest charges $0 to mount tires if you buy them in his shop. I pay about $5 more per tire than mail order. Or go out to a D37 Desert Race. Millenium Cycle charges a flat $55 per tire regardless of type with mounting for free.


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