Stator/light troubles???

I installed a 2x100w Stator in an '01 650R and the 100W BD headlight works great but our Cyclops helmet light worked very bright for a few minutes and then blew the bulb. What do I need to do to get this 55W Halogen bulb to work correctly. Thanks :lol::banghead::applause::lol:

Call Ricky Stator, they are extremely helpful.

What voltage does the meter say you are putting out?

I will call Ricky Stator Monday and the bike is a friends and we rode Sat. and all is great with the bike for Vegas to Reno Except for the helmet light and I haven't had a chance to pu a meter on it yet. I'll see Mon. night. Thanks again. I'll sure be glad once we can get the race on because the pre-race prep is keeping me running day and night. :banghead::lol::applause::lol::lol:

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